January 22, 2005

Munchausen! Read the Baron online, with or without illustrations. (Notes on the 7th edition and more on the author and topic.) Visit the Collection in Munchausology! Collect the cards! See one Munchausen film! See them all! And don't forget about the syndrome!
  • What will become of the Baron? Surely this time there will be no escape? What will become of the Baron? Surely, this time There will be No Escape
  • You can also play the game! I used to own this, but had it stolen from me a while ago. It's great fun, and that's the truth!
  • Stories are fun to read if you've a taste for the eccentric, and don't mind tall tales. The Gilliam film is superb. Thanks, shinything!
  • Great link, shinything! I love the Gilliam film, and so did my Paw Paw (grandfather). His mom used to tell him Munchausen stories when he was a kid in the 20s and 30s.
  • I installed Squid, just so I could read Munchausen by proxy. I'll be here all night.
  • Very witty, dirigibleman. Droll, in fact. I applaud the return of droll wit to the art of conversation. /bow