January 22, 2005

Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Super-Heroes
  • Heh, thanks dng - it's been a while since I saw that page. It's been updated since then to include some of the WildStorm/Image characters, but other than that it's still very pre-y2k html (he's using tables!). Ahem. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Where the hell is Hawk and Dove?
  • That's way way way cool. Although what I really want to see is an L/G/B/T Archie Comics character. Have there ever been any?
  • Someone oughta mention to this guy that you can't go to jail for putting porn on the web, let alone reviews of porn.
  • Come on, you know Jughead was closeted. Great style, never went on dates with the chicks. BTW, this is completely irrelevent, but I still harbor a crush on Veronica. I love bitchy hot brunettes.
  • BANKY: You’re insane. Archie is not fucking Mister Weatherbee! HOOPER: Deny, deny, deny
  • Jughead closeted? hehe..maybe so, but first a nerd.
  • What?! You mean being gay isn't a superpower in and of itself? I don't feel special anymore...
  • dng, Dr. Wertham will see you now... (I blame Sam Clay.)
  • This isn't worth a front page post and I humbly bow to all the banana munchers for the off topic. Yet, but yet, here is a humble superhero doing the ordinary shit that makes the true superior type hero.
  • I have an inclination to write a paper entitled "Jesus as a Totally Gay Superhero: A Post-Hermeneutical Meta-Analysis".
  • He also missed Catwoman's sidekick (I forget her name, but she's a former drug addict and prostitute) in the current incarnation of the book. She and her girlfriend are very cute. There was also a lesbian sub-plot in one of the story arcs (1st or 2nd?) of Alias (which has nothing to do with the tv show). ...Ok, I'll stop being a dork now. At least publicly :)
  • It's weird that after years of DC being the staid and traditional company, they're beating Marvel in the sexual diversity category. It's also weird that Mike Allred, who's a devout Mormon, is behind putting some of the best gay characters into the Marvel universe. That said, in looking at the credits, DC seems to have gotten a lot of the better writers in comicdom in the last 10 to 15 years, where I think Marvel emphasized the artists more. And c'mon, they're missing nearly all of Leifield's characters. Everything he does is teh gay.
  • I just read where Catwoman is going to win a GLAAD media award. Huh.