January 21, 2005

London Underground: shoot them all with a rifle UKFilterFor everyone who has ever had to suffer a commute on the London Underground. (Quicktime) Possibly NSFW due to a lot of swearing, although if you have ever had to commute on the London Underground, I'm sure you'll agree that the swearing probably doesn't go far enough.
  • As good as it is, that track (the mp3, I'm not sure who added the pictures to it) is ripped from a charity album made by a pair of doctors in aid of a cancer charity. There are a few other tracks on the 'listen' page of that site, although none of them are as good as 'London Underground'.
  • Thanks for the heads-up, Bart, I had no idea. There is some great stuff there; the Thomas Lehrer homage, The Drugs Song is grand. And all for a good cause. Right, I'm off to buy the CD...
  • Hilarious! And doubly so for being a cover.
  • Ah, I love it when classics are repurposed... Paul Weller probably got a kick out of that too.
  • abso-fucking-lutely spot on. Brilliant. Cheers Bart
  • when i was living in london last summer, the ENTIRE central london underground was shut down for three whole days because someone put in a fuse, ONE FUSE, backwards....now thats british engineering for ya...and they thought they were gonna land on MARS?!?
  • You should see what happens to our great nation when we have half an hour of snow...
  • Yeah, dng, but it's always the wrong kind of snow, doncha know.
  • In fairness to the Underground it's worse to commute into London by car. Much, much worse.
  • The video's funny and I like the cover, but I was surprised the song wasn't "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight."
  • hee hee hee-- it's funny 'cause it's true. Thanks Mothninja!