January 21, 2005

The Malibu 9 starring: Mr. "Big Pinky" Malibu and his very best friends: The Deepfried Penguin posse. After a late night at the club, the whole crew were on its way home. BUT THERE IS EVIL IN THE NIGHT! Who can be so cruel? There is only one...a bird so mean, cactuses grows in his footsteps...El Flamingo! [FLASH GAME]
  • This is so sad! I always loose at these kinds of games, but now, not only have my wonderful funky penguins died, but all that is good and funky in the world will be replaced by El Flamingo's evil empire! Boohoo! :'(
  • That is just crazy!
  • damn it, I get up to 5 deep fried penguins, and then it gets too hard
  • This is what the good folks at fazed would call a "Mother B".
  • That's where I was introduced to this game. I was racking my brain last night. I wanted to put a "via" on the FPP...thanks The_Giant_Squid. via