January 21, 2005

Ademilton dos Santos The heaviest baby in all of Brazil.

More Inside? 7.5 Kilos! 17Lbs! Carnage in the kindergarten! Aieee!

  • Yeah my wife told me about this yesterday, I said "what's that in Lbs?" she says 17, I says "holy snapping duckshit, that's a monster!"
  • Jeezem Crow. Did they just unzip the mother leaving her dead skin in the delivery room or what? How'd she survive this? Dayam.
  • "holy snapping duck shit" gets like 89 hits on google..... I would have guess one, but only after google indexed this page.. thanks, nostril... i LOVE that phrase! gonna use it one hundred times tomorrow just to get some practice with it...
  • Originated either by Dave Warner or Kevin Bloody Wilson.
  • When both children have reached the age of consent, we should hook this li'l tyke up with the baby talked about in this thread.
  • Both articles mention that baby's size is probably due to mom's diabetic condition. I wonder about mom's size.
  • MonkeyFilter: holy snapping duck shit! The little tyke will be moving into Depends in no time.
  • That baby's a big motherfucker. They're good eatin' when they're like that, you know.
  • I would not want to change that kid's diaper.
  • How big is the damn mother? Is she some sort of giantess? Why in the world would that not be part of the story?