January 19, 2005

The Wire's website has a number of audio and video interviews with a variety of musicians, songs (some mp3's, some streaming), and editions of their weekly radio show available for download.

Also, their article archive has a good (but seemingly random) selection of stuff from the magazines ten year history.

  • Swen's blog also has some good info on artists profiled in Wire (frequently with downloads). awesome post!
  • Cheers, patita. I'd not seen that before.
  • Sweet.
  • This scathing screed on Zappa (and his fans) is about as nasty an essay as I've ever seen. Don't let Nostril see it! (Nice find, dng.)
  • The Wire is definitely one of the best music magazines around. The span of genres, subgenres (and niches :-p ) reviewed every month is quite amazing, without too much submission to "underground hype", nor complacency of the "if it sells more than 1,000 copies, then it's sh!te" type...