January 19, 2005

Dr. Gene Ray interviewed on TechTV (Windows Media File - right click & save) - I had no idea that the Time Cube guy had been interviewed on TV. Here we can see him explain his ideas in his own words. If those are words. c/o Time Cube Central

If you haven't heard of the timecube guy, where have you been? Possibly the most famous k00k on the internets. If you haven't heard of him you should lookup goatse.cx on Google image search.

  • Oh. my. God. This. made. my. day.
  • Holy Crap! He's from Atlanta? I'm from Atlanta! Quick, somebody help me organize the first TimeCube meet-up!
  • Gene Ray is educated stupid. There are 24 (or so) days in one day! Hasn't he ever heard of the Time Zone?!?
  • Say what you will about Gene, but there's a man who knows how to stay on message. He's looking pretty frail and old, but in another corner of his existence he is a youthful little boy. Don't call him a Jew, though. He gets made at that.* *Wish I could find the link, but my educated stupid superiors here are work run and hide from the wisdom of the time cube, and practice their evil by blocking us from the path of true enlightenment. Santa God.
  • Are you thinking of Above God, the sister site to timecube?
  • I actually saw that on TV.
  • What shawnj said. I love this guy. Thanks Nostril.
  • I love how, using Gene's logic, you can argue that there are an infinite number of days in a single Earth rotation, and someone obviously sent him this agument because he says somewhere: Infinite days is stupidity. In other words, the only way to know why he said that is to have come up with the argument yourself.
  • I'd so vote this guy for President, just to hear him give a State of the Union speech!
  • Well, freethought, infinite days is stupidity. Geez, think about it.
  • Well, my conclusion is that he is batshit crazy. I don't know exactly what form of mental illness it is, it could be some kind of obsessive mental construct excacerbated by stupidity & senility, but difficult to tell. The guy has little in the way of logically constructed arguments, either in this interview or on his site, he just reiterates statements over & over again, never really stating what difference his idea makes to anything, really. He seems basically to be arguing the adoption of a different system of time keeping, but in his mind the questioning of the need for this is tantamount to being some sort of evil heretic. You may say, 'oh well it was obvious he was batshit crazy from his website' but I tend to reserve judgement on craziness until the evidence is absolutely clear, because, you know, there are people that seemed really crazy yet did pretty amazing things.
  • The academia created 1 day greenwich time is bastardly queer and dooms future youth and nature to a hell. You Word-Murder Your Children. [this is cube]
  • As proof of this statement I will at present only mention the fact that the sun has for years spoken with me in human words and thereby reveals herself as a living being or as the organ of a still higher being behind her.
  • It's possible the guy is a comic "genius" of sorts, and he can keep up a guise better than the best Andy Koffmen (just in case, that is spelled wrong on purpose). Oh, how I wish this to be the case; he'd be something of a troll god.
  • I wish I was the Time Cube guy. As Smog once sang: I'll never be a Gene Ray I'll never be a Jim Loy I'll only ever be a Jonathan Quick
  • Actually, Time Cube is ineffable Truth! Check out Cubic Awareness Online for explanations of this ineffable Time/Life/Truth Cube. You must forsake evil single-cornerism and seek true 4-corner Cubic enlightenment!
  • Oh, I want to know who did that.