January 22, 2004

Curious, George: Vitamin D infusion The gray and chill have gotten to us, and we've decided to escape somewhere warm on short notice. Any suggestions?

We've blocked off the first week of February to take off. So far, all we have decided is: 1. Somplace warm. 2. Someplace where everything works. We pretty much want to sit on a beach and vegetate for five or six days, and ideally do some SCUBA diving. Since we only have a week, we don't want to travel too far from the west coast of the United States, but not in the US. We're thinking about Belize, but are open to other places. We both speak Spanish and Portuguese, so anywhere in Central America would work. Brazil would be perfect but is too far away for the time allotted. Any input, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc. would be appreciated...

  • There's nowhere. Either things stop working, or you stay in the states (Hawaii).
  • Um.. Florida, I guess? The carribean isn't too far from the USA either, is it?
  • My sister, who lives in Colorado, spent a week in Cozumel last year. They both dive, and said that it was simply gorgeous. It's right on the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula, so it's part of Central America. And stay away from Florida. Aside from being hella expensive, you have to put up with Floridians. hella hella hell-a
  • * She and her boyfriend spent a week in Cozumel. And they both dive. In some cases, I guess more detail would be helpful.
  • This is one of the most of wonderful places I've ever stayed. And Dominica is unforgettable.
  • several years back i did a series of travel stories on the area around puerto vallarta, mexico. i highly recommend that! from sanfran it wouldn't be that far a flight. i especially enjoyed yelapa, where everything worked but it wasn't overrun with gringos! (p.s. i'm happy to email you the stories if you'd like)
  • Went to St. Croix this past October and had a great time. Everything worked, there was fantastic snorkeling right outside our door, and amazing scuba diving as well.
  • You live in beautiful California and you want to go to Florida? What jim_t said. Me, I'd go to Santa Barbara, but then I don't scuba dive. Anyway, let us know what you decide on, and then how it went!
  • St. Thomas! Beautiful, quiet, friendly, tons of reefs and wrecks to dive, tons of delicious rum-and-pineapple to drink. the money-is-no-object second choice: the bora bora nui
  • Memo to all the Magellan wannabes in here, Florida is in the US, and the Carribean is not close to the west coast.
  • *quickly puts away Crackerjack compass, Mapquest directions printouts, water wings*
  • Thanks everybody for all the input! Lots of ideas to file away for the next vacation... So we've looked around and talked to people and decided on Ambergris Caye, Belize where we are going to do some diving and sit on our monkey butts. We're actually staying at a place called "Banana Beach" which makes the little monkey in me hopeful. Watch this space for the full report when we get back...
  • Have a fabulous time, and visit a Maya ruin for me if you get the chance.
  • **Furiously scribbles notes for future trip with beloved.**