December 24, 2004

City of Socks DATANG, China - You probably have never heard of this factory town in coastal China, and there is no reason why you should have. But it fills your sock drawer. Datang produces an astounding nine billion pairs of socks each year - more than one set for every person on the planet. People here fondly call it Socks City, and its annual socks festival attracts 100,000 buyers from around the world.

I have no idea how many cylinders these socks have.

  • NY Times, registration required.
  • /head explodes
  • Did I really just read, in the NY Times: "To the south, in the low-rent district, is Underwear City." ??????????? :-) All I've got to say is MY Underware City is NOT a low rent district!
  • Mine is. I charge my underwear no rent whatsoever.
  • Do the Chinese have to pay Snoop Dogg for having a city named Shenzhou?
  • An Annual Sock Festival? How way cool can THAT be! I can just see it now: colorful socks on poles, waving gently in the breeze; people wearing socks on their hands; children eating tasty sock-sicles; Morris dancing in your socks; a vivid display of bright socks, both lefts, rights, and uni-foots, spread out across the emerald grass *sigh Oh, to be there at Sock Festival time
  • Nostril, have you considered using the lone socks that you seem to be stuck with as spank socks? Socks were my semen receptacle of choice in my youth.
  • bernockle, too much information.
  • Sorry about that. I am not very good at that whole crossing-the-line thing.
  • Is this sock also made in the City of Socks?
  • You seem quite good at crossing the line.
  • A little holiday reading ,some Christmas monkeys and how to roll your own.
  • 1. Single socks may be dipped in water, hung outsoors until froxen, then filled with bird seed, nuts, dried fruits, fluffy popcorn etc for the birds and such critters as care to venture forth. 2. Cut the toe-end off a single sock -- now, tug it over the snoot and head of your dachshund for the perfect doggie ear and neck warmer. Or, more technically, dog-snood. 3. That cut-off toe may be used as a nose-warmer, though I do not recommend this if the sock has not been recently laundered. Dogs are wholly impervious to the merits of nose-warmers; I suspect a small and gullible child will submit to wearing one, though I have not, at this time got one small enough to practice on.
  • Behold, the Christmas miracle of the nose warmer.
  • Do the Chinese have to pay Snoop Dogg for having a city named Shenzhou? Why yes they do. No payment, however, will be made for the pirated recordings.
  • Somebody gag bernockle with a sock, please. Bees, I may have to make a neck warmer for the weasel to send it on its way. What do you do with a nose warmer that is several sizes too large? *she asked in apparent innocence
  • ye tell more lies like Pinochio ye tell more lies so your nose wiil grow
  • sometimes I dream we're climbing a mountain of socks most of which have not been washed sometimes I dream we're lost in an avalanche on the slope of this peak and then I waken as I shriek
  • Some dogs are horses Some are rhinoceroses The Saint Bernard With a gallon of Pernod Are found closest To free An avalanched bee With giant wet noses Hee hee