November 28, 2003

chemical in turkey makes me sleepy
  • This is why I can't get off the couch. Or feel my legs.
  • That would explain why everyone is a) too lazy to move and b) reasonably cheerful after Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.
  • Apparently 5-HTP supplements are pretty popular with those crazy clubbin' kids nowadays - those that like to fiddle around with their brain chemistry anyway. It also has great potential for those with depression, from what I've read. Anyone tried it or know someone who has? And according to this link, it's not the L-tryptophan containing turkey that makes you sleepy, but other factors.. hmm, I remain unconvinced though.
  • Not just in turkey. Chocolates, cottage cheese, nuts, bananas as well. Best way to boost serotonin, ergo melatonin would be supplements containing the metabolised product of tryptophan -> 5-hydroxytryptophan i.e. 5-HTP
  • gooddoggy Especially with Ecstasy. MDMA floods your synapses (the ones at the terminal end of serotonin neurons) with serotonin. A few clubbers take 5-HTP a day before popping. Then, a vitamin C (anti-oxidant) pill alongwith the X, and a few hours later. Maybe, even prozac. The tryptophan supposedly boosts serotonin levels (it apparantly takes 24 hours) and the vit C stops the action of monoamine oxidase, which oxidises the dopamine that gets into the serotonin neurons into hydrogen peroxide (toxic to neurons).
  • And if you drink beer through a straw you get, like, rooly drunk.
  • That's nothing. You squeeze a few drops of acid on your tongue and you feel really ... strange.
  • Time for correction: The vit C doesn't stop the oxidation of dopamine. It stops the hydrogen peroxide formed from oxidising parts of the serotonin neurons. My bad.
  • Well now we know it's not true... probably.
  • Dammit, Alnedra. Get bored already. I want to be in front again.
  • Nick, if you can't control your tour group, we may have to turn it around.
  • Are there going to be refreshments soon?
  • Lara, you missed the sushi, and you're not interested in turkey, will you tell us exactally what is it you want? I'm hungry for eggs. Meet you in the breakfast thread.