December 23, 2004

Christmas With The Kranks: Say Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men with a "Mission Accomplished" pen, a Santa Bush ornament, some nice infant hatewear or even a Zell Miller thong. Yes, some items are a little, you know, so please think of the children. And yes, they take Visa.
  • Sorry about the post title, folks. "Link From SuperFrankenstein" indeed. I'll pay better attention next time. If this were MetaFilter I'd be dead.
  • Better dead than Red? The times they are a changin.
  • Better sentient than Red. . . . doesn't rhyme
  • Final products will NOT have the word "SAMPLE" written across the image. heh, I wonder how many sales they lost to righties not wanting the word "SAMPLE" written across the image.
  • What a bunch of elitists you all are.
  • Well that's the pothead calling the kettle high. ;)
  • "Democrats R Yukky" = hatewear? Holy hyperbole. ...if my nick was as cool as SuperFrankenstein, I'd put it in the title, too. *runs out to create a CountChocula sockpuppet*
  • I was more interested in seeing someone try to rhyme something with "sentient" than be elitist (where are you bees?). Anyone Vote-Red up to the challenge?
  • Better sentient than down with Trent (also tried big tent, but couldn't make it scan)
  • "Democrats R Yukky" = hatewear? Holy hyperbole. To a baby, "Yukky" is the most severe epithet of outright condemnation. OK, it's not quite hate speech--but it is hate jabber. So... hyperbole, yes, but, more to the point, understatement.
  • Also, what kind of world is it where "infant hatewear" is considered hyperbole, but "Zell Miller thong" is somehow acceptable?