December 20, 2004

Frank Zappa references on Mystery Science Theater 3000 - definitive list of references to Uncle Frank on MST3K.
  • most excellent post; see also this mefi post. Great googly moogly!
  • Yeah, I saw that clip posted on another blog (I forget which one) the other day. The only thing that stopped me from posting it here was the pausy nature of the thing; it was buffering every few minutes. I searched in vain for a mirror, to no avail.
  • Oh, the other day I also managed to finally find the clip for 'City of Tiny Lights' done in claymation by Bruce Bickford, which I had been wanting to see ever since I missed it on an all-nite music video fest in the late 80s on tv in the UK. I downloaded it from a fileshare network. It was very good, directly lifted from 'the old grey whistle test' which used to be a good music show on British TV. I miss Frank.
  • I miss him too; I am just now finishing the new biography that was discussed here a few weeks ago (but I am too lazy to find the link). Any time I find a new interview/article/book it is like he is still around, though. It is amazing/depressing how his riffs on politics and religion are still relevant today (the same applies to Bill Hicks)
  • Ah, Bill Hicks. We need a Bill Hicks thread.
  • Wow. I actually still have all those MST3K episodes on VHS, first generation copies. I had almost forgotten about the Uncle Frank references. Time for a MST3K-fest on the 50 incher!