November 21, 2004

The Best Paper Airplane in the World. It's don't know enough about the field to vouchsafe this claim, but I did build one--it took about 10 minutes--and it did fly. Not too straight, but it did. Probably need about 10 tries to perfect.
  • mine flew out the window and attacked a squirrel. *busy assembling a squadron*
  • I got to Step 16 and now I'm really confused, even with the detailed instructions....
  • It took me about 10 minutes, but I did finish it! It wasn't very good so it didn't fly very well, but it did fly.
  • IGNORE THAT! Prankster bullshit.
  • Man, this is a good paper airplane. I need to take this thing outside where I have some room.
  • Thirty-three steps... Maybe I can get one done by next weekend.