November 21, 2004

Inside the MonkeySphere via Linkfilter
  • True, true. Anyway, love to stay and chat but now I must go and fling faeces at the neighbour who I suspect of stealing my parking place. Them's the rules.
  • All right you barstards, what did you do with Slappy, Tito, Bubbles, Fluffy, Marcel and ShitTosser? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MONKEYBUDDIES?
  • 2433 members We're fucked.
  • The size of the membership will make a real difference. At one time, I recognised the names of almost all posters. Now there are many I do not recognise. It will change the way people relate to each other, as monkeyfilter will become that much more anonymous. I began to wonder whether or not the best thing (for the new people, actually) would be to bud off new communities every few thousand people, creating little filter towns all over the internets.
  • I have my own community. The membership roll is limited to one. Its not very exciting.
  • What's your community's gimmick, P-Boy?
  • So the voices in my head are coming from 150 monkeys?! It's worse than I thought. actually, for one of those people, Mr. Wong seems a sensible sort.
  • actually, for one of those people, Mr. Wong seems a sensible sort pssst... he's white.
  • precisely
  • I'm tellin' ya, I spent all morning checking the rolls for Slappy, Tito, Bubbles, Fluffy, Marcel and ShitTosser. The names are not on the list. Furthermore, I've questioned the Monkey authorities. these MOFI Monkeys NEVER existed. So why did this article mention them specifically by name? What's going on here? Flashboy, Islander, help me look for them, please. Just watch out for that PareidoliaticBoy--he's kind of a scary loner type.
  • GramMa, so far I've manged to track down Slappy. He's Chief of Police in Colonial Heights. Some mighty strange goings on there.
  • Hey, Islander, I wondered where my good monkey friend, Itchy Pits got to. So if you only relate to 150 people in your community, what happens when they're dead? Or if they're Zombie Wendell? Or multiples of Pete_best? Hope me out, here.
  • Weell, out in the Fenlands, they often ask, "Which fens are, for peat, best?". Zombie Wendell, will, like the Bananaphone song, always be with with you, whether you like it or not. The last time I saw Itchy Pits was out by the crab shack.
  • Well, I suspect some of us will be contributors and some will not. And, we'll become familiar with the contributors and forget the others. It might take a while for the familiarity part, and we'll probably scare off some contributors when they get too rowdy. Just like things have gone till now. I think that one thing that has helped us in the past is the "getting to know you" threads, including those that have photos. People seem more likely to read those than the (few) individual profiles which have similar information in them. It might be nice if we had a category on the sidebar that would capture them.