November 20, 2004

Virtual walking in Europe. This is in response to the great California Coastline Project thread a couple of posts down: Pages Jaunes has a really fun feature in which you can take a virtual stroll in any number of European cities. [Flash]

Unfortunately, I've never been able to get it to work with Firefox. You might have to use IE. YMMV.

  • Holy crap this site stuns me like woah! I'm trying to find a spot that's not on their photo map. worked in my mozilla browser, btw
  • The future is virtual.
  • Excellent, bananatastic link! )))))
  • I keep cliquez sur le plan but can't get to the Barri Gotic [sp] in Barcelona. Loved me some Barri Gotic.
  • I like this, (because I can see my old hangs), but I wish they hadn't changed it to a Flash-based thing. Some of the navigation is pretty terrible.