November 20, 2004

A headless, bullet-riddled body - the Black Hand - a severed head put on public display. A Mystery to this day - November 19, 1904: hunters make a shocking discovery on a remote road outside Pennsylvania coal town Shamokin. A headless, naked body with multiple bullet wounds. 100 years ago.
  • Wot, no pictures?
  • Always with the funny shit!
  • You sick fuck. *hugs sick fuck*
  • This town, Shamikon, that kept a murder victim's severed, embalmed head on display for 72 years seems to be the motherlode of seriously twisted fucks. /Department of Broad Hints: Stephen King, check this out!
  • Shamokin'!
  • On Nov. 30, authorities staged a public viewing of the head in the hope that someone will recognize the victim. Good times!
  • Dammit! I can't spell for beans! in a shamokin gun.
  • Bizarre.
  • Goddamn it. You shamoked me out. You had to go and post this, diddn't you Nostril. The guilt is just too much bear after 100 years. I did it.
  • A bit reminiscent of Elmer McCurdy, whose body was on display for years and ended up as a prop in a fairground ghost ride.