November 19, 2004

too good for the girls? take a class on how to get laid Learn how to abandon your good-boy tendencies for as little as $1,000!

I think this is how P.Diddy became a "bad boy for life."

  • Here's the website in case you want to sign up...
  • Do you just have to be rich or good looking to seduce the hottest girls? No. Just rich to afford the $1000 price tag. What makes guys who are neither rich nor good looking attract the prettiest women, the kind of girls who all guys dream about having in their lives but few can have? Well, we'd like to say personality and grooming, but really, about $1000 bucks will do it. Is there something YOU can do to become such a guy? Fork over $1000 bucks. Regardless of your car, your looks, your age, your bank account or your social status? Bathe. Get out of the basement. Stop living with your parents. OR Fork over $1000 bucks. Can you acquire some of their abilities with women to improve your dating success? The answer is yes ... if ... and only if ... you've got 1000 Washingtons, or 200 Franklins. You know. $1000 bucks. --- I could drop $1000 on a new suit and a haircut and improve my chances from "cold day in Hell" to "Well, I kinda feel sorry for him".
  • Far more likely to bring you success: Get yourself on one of them reality shows where the hottie has to choose from one of the geeks, but then chooses the hunk who's only at the last minute introduced as a "wildcard." Shed a quick tear, then take your choice from among the many women who'll give themselves to you just because you were on TV. Works every time. I could tell you more, but it would, you know, cost like a thousand bucks.
  • About your instructor: He played professional table tennis, coached a competitive table tennis team and contributed to an international debating league. He soon realized his greatest talent as an instructor, trainer and seduction coach and began travelling the world teaching classes in seduction, leadership and confidence. I'm sure those ping-pong skills transfer straight to seduction...
  • ...he may have too many balls to be a good teacher. But perhaps he can juggle them and we could learn from that.
  • but can he pluck his twanger?
  • Hey, in many countries, ping-pong balls and seduction go hand in hand. Or rather, ball in...never mind.
  • Hell, I'll hand over my girl seduction techniques for $50. I'll even give away the first one free: chicks dig the personal hygene.
  • For $1000 you could join a gym for a year, plus get about a dozen sessions with a personal trainer. Or, for about $150 you could get a good pair of running sneakers and some decent wind pants. Either way, getting out there and getting some exercise helps. A lot.
  • Go out and get to know more girls, and you'll eventually realize that the info this guy is selling is bang-on. It's not worth $1000, but it's a well-known fact that nice guys just don't push the right subconscious buttons with women. Hygeine and physical fitness are important, but they don't seal the deal.