November 19, 2004

Gay Gordons Come on, admit it. You're intrigued, aren't you? It looks like fun. Ok, maybe you wouldn't want your friends to catch you doing it. You'd feel a bit funny having your picture taken while you're trying it out. Sure, we can all understand that. But still, it's tempting isn't it? Resist no longer, let your feet lead you to... The Gay Gordons.
  • Ah, common, it looks like fun. They have beer ...
  • Ah, this brings back memories of primary school.
  • Heh. In no time we'll be dancing a sixteensome reel. Or at least reeling.
  • *clap clap clap* Those ladies look really light on their feet doing the dance. Almost like a ballet at some points. Very nice.
  • scoffyenot ... Ceilidhs are top fun and you get to grapple hordes of ladies ... one every few seconds in fact ... and you need to drink lots of beer cos you perspire quite a lot and you probably need lots of whisky too ...
  • they're cute! and look like they're having fun. and lord knows this is keeping them off the streets.
  • Ah, this brings back memories of primary school. They used to make us square dance in gym class. I would have thought it stupid, were it not for the fact that it gave me an excuse to touch girls.
  • I think I've seen a couple of couples try that in the back of my local folk bar in Houston during Celtic gigs. They always look like they're having fun. And yay for the guy wearing the kilt in the video! Men in kilts are doubleplusgood!
  • Hooray for folkdancing! I recently took my native Californian girlfriend to my cousin's wedding in Luckenbach, Texas (He was marrying a California girl, as well). She didn't really believe me when I told her the band would play the Cotton-Eyed Joe and the Schottische and everyone would get up and folkdance. Well, the Texans got up and danced and the Californians just looked confused. Great fun!