November 18, 2004

? It's a flash . . horse . . interactive . . singy thing. I'm not sure what it is but it's sort of funny and sort of brilliant.
  • It's from a Swedish TV kids programme. There's much more where that came from. It's the long, cold, winter nights, you know.
  • It's also been around a while.
  • Pete, where have you been? Not only has this been around for a donkey's age, it's a DP. I call DP! DP! na nee na nee boo boo Pete_best double posted! It's pretty good though--maybe we need to dust it off every Thanksgiving?
  • It's thanksgiving?
  • no way! Hmmm . . . well I'm still diggin it. It *does* sort of go with Thanksgiving. Someone find a singing pumpkin pie.
  • Ooh that's fun - Bwahahahaha! That cow just took a dump! Hee hee!! eh . . . ehhhhh. okay. does that mean I get to post again, then?
  • Is it pre-lost-database? Otherwise I'll dump it. In a nice way, obviously.
  • I like it. I sent it out to the members of my acapella group. We sound a little better than that, but not by much.
  • That made me feel kind of warm and squishy.
  • Similar sort of thing here, minus the horses with Elvis do's.
  • I am so proud of my countrymen and their musical horsey goodness. And you thought ABBA was the best we could do.
  • It must be pre-lost database, but I don't ever remember seeing it. I do try to glance at all FPPs, but it's getting harder and harder, what with more members and me actually starting to do some work occasionally. No matter what, it's )full.
  • 'twas posted before in days of yore, in the dear dead threads that are no more. Pretty horses, though.
  • hp! for graceful singing horses standing in a Swedish meadow with their fore-hooves on their bosoms forefooves clasped upon their bosoms hear them singing base and alto watch them rolling equine eyeballs
  • The plantain is sometimes called the horse banana -- (and there's also a picture of a banana horse there).
  • i think it's broken - i kept clicking on it, but the horse didn't sing.
  • Googol yields over 40,000 entries for "singing banana horse".