November 27, 2003

Scheduled Server Outage From our hosting company: The data center that our servers are located in will be undergoing a major network upgrade on Friday, 5 December. This will result in a maximum downtime of 4 hours from 6pm. Unfortunately, the timing of the event is outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience that may result from this upgrade. That's NZDT, or GMT+13 hours.
  • See...what you should have done is give people a week to get addicted to this place, and then when you shut down for four hours, people will go nuts until it comes back. Then, they'll never log out again, for fear of losing it. That's what other sites do, I hear.
  • Yes, CC, but some "other sites" are hosted on a box in some guy's closet in Boston, and may suffer "unscheduled downtime" when the people upstairs let their bathtub overflow and the water seeps through the ceiling. Life is funny that way.
  • Train A leaves New Zealand at 03:15 at 110kph and Train B leaves Greenwich at 15:15 at 31kph. At what time do they... OK, I could never figure out these math problems so can some helpful soul tell what time the server will be down in either EST or PST?
  • It'd be about 10pm, of the day before, American time. I think
  • The Time Zone Converter says 9pm on Thursday night PST, midnight East Coast time.
  • I *heart* you tracicle. Purely, in the Super Admin, default user way of course.
  • Warning: one hour till shutdown! *downloads all links to cache in advance*
  • *weeps in shameless joy* You're BACK!!!
  • So glad we made it safely through that.
  • Have we won this game yet?
  • Well, the_bone isn't here either. This is kind of like a marathon. Except that it isn't.
  • the_bone is a cheater!