November 27, 2003

What's trendy in Japan, according to Rie. Are you kawaii or are you an oyaji? A site with everything from essays on war to recipes for Japanese curries to the Japanese online dating scene.
  • That's cheating!
  • How so?
  • You didn't hit the earlier one!
  • I made that rule up on the spot.
  • About time I got some comments on that one.
  • tracicle! DO SOMETHING!!! Dammit, I'm voting for quidnunc next time. He wouldn't let tomfoolery pass!
  • Hey, I agree with Alnedra, you weren't in that last post, as I note 3 days from now from then. Damn TARDIS...
  • this is becoming some sort of mobius rollercoaster. weee!