November 08, 2004

Lost Frog: If I looking for Frog His Name: Hopkin Green Frog
  • shamelessly stolen from boingboing
  • Aren't disappearing frogs a sign of the apocalypse or something? Or maybe that's raining frogs...
  • Damn! Busted...I tell ya, when ya pull a frog heist, don't do it with no lousy partner. That sonofabitch musta rolled on me over some piddly murder beef.
  • Makes me a bit sad, really. There's something about this kid, tho'. I like the way he adds "PS I'll find my frog" as if he's not gonna give in. And Hopkin is a good name for a frog, although I suspect he just mispelled Hoppin. Disclosure: I actually like frogs too. I think they're kind of cute.
  • Metafilter reports that Hopkins is actually a stuffed toy from a McDonalds happy meal. Which I think makes it that little bit more sweet.
  • Ah. That makes me feel a lot better.
  • No frogs were harmed in the propagation of this meme.
  • This is the best post of the day. Thank you.
  • Him frog has been found. Or at least replaced.
  • And if they said him internet just looking for porn! Him stupid. ps - I'll find my porn.
  • Him nesting habits are strange.
  • Dagnabbit! Missed goetter's link! Oh well, didn't talk to Mom!
  • I liked reading the frog story follow-ups linked by goetter and homunculus, but it does make me wonder if the family has been getting other calls besides those two. Or maybe frogs in the mail, if that's the home address on the flyer.
  • I'm positive some net-tards will think it's cute to start sending ransom notes to the kid. Some other's won't be able to resist sending him a new hopkin. regardles, this isn't the end of the story.
  • Hopkin Green Frog went crazy looking for a bog in which to plump Hopkin Green Frog thought upsy-daisy before he made a final jump Hopkin Green Frog leapt so high he tore a hole right through the sky and where he's gone remains unknown to all his friends including I