November 27, 2003

Mathematical patterns in african-american hairstyles "Ethnomathematics is the study of mathematical ideas involved in the cultural practices of a people. Its richness is in exploring both the mathematical and educational potential of these practices."
  • What interests me about Ethnomathematics is that it
  • I love the fact that mathematics enters our everyday lives without us even thinking about it. Next time Little Johnny says, "Geometry is stupid, I'll never use it," I'll be sure to point him to this article.
  • ... alnedra!
  • *smacks bone on the way out*
  • Totally tessellated, dude.
  • Schooled!
  • Tracicle? You're "the cops", right? Because I'm just about to call you.
  • She's better than the cops, she's Monkeybashi
  • I am doing a research project on mathematical patterns in the past and future stalkings of monkeys by monkeys, for monkeys and the monkeys who love them...
  • Who you gon' call? Monkeybashi! Ow!