October 27, 2004

Curious George: So while watching the exciting ending of the baseball season, I started to notice multiple shots of fans in the crowd with their baseball caps on inside out and backwards. So, um, why?
  • I think we called them rally caps when i was younger and played the game.
  • oops...I accidently cut of the "Intentionally messed up hats" after that Curious George...oh well.
  • Fashion Fashion /Bowie
  • Yes, rally caps. They can be powerful juju. Maybe not so much for the Cards tonight.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, us humans have a tenuous grasp on rationality.
  • My favorite Rally Cap sighting involved Rob Reiner at the Dodgers - good times!
  • The Anaheim Angels have Rally Monkeys. Which is probably why the Sox swept them.
  • Yeah, they're "rally caps"; it's supposed to be for good luck. However, it never seemed to work for any softball team I was on as a kid...
  • Baseball is more superstitious than gambling or religion (was that redundant?). Rally caps are just a part of that nonsense. An interesting post would be one that discusses the various superstitions in baseball, and why baseball is so much more superstitious a sport than the others.
  • There's another baseball tradition/superstition that involves wearing your cap inside out whenever there's 2 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs, and 2 men on base. Not the same as a rally cap, but similar.
  • Ah, ok. Thanks! I obviously need to hang around some baseball more often...
  • Then there's the baseball superstition where if you hit a home run at your last at bat, and Roger Clemens is pitching, you duck.
  • If you're the returned ghost of Babe Ruth, Pedro will drill you in the ass.
  • Here are some rally cap pictures: traditional, sharkfin (my favorite), and terribly, terribly frightening.