October 19, 2004

World Beard Championship Do you have what it takes to play with the

Personally I think the guy that won didn't really have the best beard, but then again, what do I know about giant masses of delicately sculpted facial hair?

  • ayeeeee!!!! It was suppossed to say: Do you have what it takes to play with the Big Boys?
  • The Real Men's SCA.
  • I do not have what it takes to play with the big boys. Never had too much hair on my face nor most places on my body. In a way that is good (don't have to shave the back like some furballs that I know) but I always wanted sideburns. Thought that they were way cool. At least I got most of the hair on my head still.
  • Why does this make me laugh so much? I think it's probably the costumes. *tears in eyes*
  • Their natural enemy is soup.
  • My grandfather and his friends had a regular beard-growing competition. Mostly I remember him rubbing his whiskers on my face. No silly costumes, though.
  • MCT wins.
  • You have made my day.
  • mct wins! (Thankfully non-hirsute...)
  • In a certain sense, we all win, but in a more accurate sense, this guy won.
  • I am HORRIFIED by Alf Jarrold. Look for him here. *shudder*
  • I have a feeling Mr. Veerappan will not be showing up for the 2005 event.
  • I am full of pride right now. Last year a fellow bearded friend and I started what we called the beards club (with our clever motto, "B is for Beard"), little did we know that there is an official organization. Of course our beards are fairly closely trimmed, so we may not qualify for membership in the official club.
  • How can this be called a "world" championship when so many have been excluded through age or gender discrimination? I want to see pics of the winners in the Women's and Juvenile Divisions. And are there NO achievement requirements? A great handlebar moustache ought to be able to dust off a tabletop is under 4 seconds. A quality long beard should absorb at least 1.5 cups of chicken soup. What standards are these "winners" held to? Piffle!!
  • chicken soup, with or without noodles?
  • After due consideration, Clesrly you've brought credit to your nation. Though fools let their whiskers simply hang limp, We see you gentlemen have got more gimp. Upswept, and all unfurled, Upon your upper lip, Lo! such long mustaches Grandiosely curled. And on your chins We see These droop like waterfalls, Those part like the Red Sea, And each and every one excites Our admiration and a certain envy. So hail to thee, Whose chins are never chilly, All hail, ye hairy, Who've never minded Looking silly, Long may ye flourish and be merry.