October 07, 2004

What's in a year? Curious George: I notice we're up to 1980 monkeys. Will we get to 2000 by the 1 year anniversary? Do you care?

And have any of you monkeys looked at the member numbers climbing up and thought about what happened that year? I have since noticed we had 1066 members, but obviously have been even more so since we're in the "20th century" of members. Am I the only simian who does this? Does this mean I need to bump my geek score up? /-:

  • What happened in the year of my MoFi membership, 1754:
    The Albany Convention of New England proposes an American Union — cool! Birth of Joseph Proust and Thomas Bowdler — yay! Death of Abraham de Moivre at the ripe old age of 93.
  • Only 1,980 monkeys, eh? That's not even enough to produce a decent Mekons' album title. I am attempting to win the award for "Most Wilfully Obscure Post" here, by the way. I'm annoying like that.
  • 1980? When are we going to close the doors?
  • I don't see a need to, do you?
  • I am taking the Clarence Thomas position: Now that I am in, the doors may close.
  • *registers pete_best1980 in tribute*
  • When I registered, there were 1776 members. That was the year, if I recall my history lessons correctly, that we over here in the UK won a war. We were fighting the French, I think.
  • bernockle: Clarence Thomas position? Now that sounds rude... /ignorant Aussie
  • Oh, Decani, don't you know that the quality of mercy is not strnen? /A Special Message from Godzilla
  • Devils Rats and Piggies!
  • Tinfoil Sorting Hat blows apart my puny attempt at the obscurity award with ease. Dammit! You mean I'm not the only old punk here?
  • We'll have 2000 by the beginning of next week, I bet. And though I didn't come into the game until roughly halftime, I'm glad to be a part. Especially with such hard-working and hospitable hosts as we have.
  • What middleclasstool said, only, I don't know, pretend I said it better.
  • FYI, there are currently userID numbers in the low 2000s. The "(n) members" figure doesn't include deleted accounts, whether they resulted from people deleting themselves or being Monkeybashied. Now that deleting one's own account is no longer an option, and since tracicle has been banning people by locking them out with changed passwords, this issue shouldn't get any worse.
  • OK, looks like userID 2048 is the latest registrant. Since 1983 members are showing up that means 65 accounts are MIA (unless of course the handful of "pending members" who have userID numbers aren't showing in that total).
  • You have too much spare time, the_bone. :) Nope, the pending members count among the rest. There's been a lot of deletions, accidental or otherwise. I'm quite glad I removed the option. One day I'll remove the placeholders from the database or restore the missing accounts, if it's not too hard, and the numbers will be consistent.
  • 1984 now. The year was boring - the book not so (though I think I preferred living in the year).
  • accidental or otherwise *sniggers, points at pete_best4004*
  • 1987 now. Year I was born. Nothing happened in 353, my membership number year. And I envy the Christian who got #29, the year the world was saved. *double checks mental math* right?
  • A quick Google reveals that by 1279, all of China was ruled by the Mongols. All right! ...that's off-topic, isn't it. Anyway, I don't pay much attention to user numbers, but I'm the oblivious sort.
  • Man, my membership year was boring: - Diocletian and Maximian appoint Constantius Chlorus and Galerius as Caesars. This is considered the beginning of the Tetrarchy. - Probus succeeds Rufinus as Patriarch of Constantinople But there's a prize for any (presumably recently joined) monkey who's membership number is the same as the year of their birth... Up to 1992 now. Pretty good year, as I recall.
  • By the time I finish writing this we will be up to 2000. This is my prediction... Crossing fingers. Squeezing eyes shut... wishing on a star... One last person, come on... come on... NOW!
  • YES!!!!!!!!!
  • Now we're at 2039...far in the monkey future.
  • Here in the future we worship a giant floating head named Decani. He is good to us, though we be but obdurate little snivellers. Ouch! He does smite my buttocks!
  • Nickdanger, I love you.