October 06, 2004

Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 - Mein Gott im himmel! These are repugnant! Perhaps the idea was aversion therapy? There are such horrors as the chilled celery log, the fish "tacos" (made using toast - tortillas hadn't made it across the border in 1974), the liver pãté en bukkake, and the ever popular Eraserhead roast chicken. Eeeeeviiiiil!!!

At time of posting, Monkeyfilter displayed 1974 members. Synchronicity again!!!

  • I love this site. My personal favorite is Mexican Shrimp-Orange Salad.
  • I knew these looked familiar.
  • Oh my god they do eviiiil things with frankfurters. It's almost like the Seventies were the decade taste forgot.
  • LileksFilter
  • Don't ever mention Lileks around me.
  • Disgusting! Most of the women following this diet back in the 70's were probably so stoned on prescribed Valium they would have eaten anything.
  • Excellent page, deserving of a FPP. The comments are hilarious and make the whole adventure well-worth it. Liver pate... christ almighty.
  • Where are the recipes? I would totally try some of these. The fish tacos one actually got me hungry. Disclaimer: Last night for dinner, I ate a cold, thin crust, green pepper and sausage pizza with blueberry cream cheese spread across the top. After I post this, I'm going to go eat more of the same for lunch, but I might substitute pineapple cream cheese for the blueberry cream cheese.
  • I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants... thanks, Nostril.
  • *hurp* No thanks, I'll pass. Now the number of members = the year of my birth!
  • the horror.....the horror.....
  • Mexican Shrimp Orange Salad? Some words just shouldn't be strung together. *spew*
  • Liver pate... christ almighty. Well, that's what p
  • Pãté doesn't have to be liver, it can be any meat; chicken or duck, whathaveyou. Pãté just means 'paste'. Of course you're right that mostly liver is what people mean when they refer to it. I won't touch the stuff.
  • I'll ratchet the pedantometer up by one by pointing out that "p
  • ah. you are correct, sir. and my oh so clever use of ASCII characters don't look so good in Western character coding for this page.. ah, telle est la vie.
  • These meals were all especially designed to counteract any symptoms of glam rock that may have been showing in the patient. Mott the Hoople's bassist was institutionalised and force-fed this stuff for six months; Bowie had to move to Berlin to escape. Bryan Ferry was administered it by stealth, and as a result became shit. 100% of fact.
  • And marc bolan crashed his morris mini into an unhardened baked alaska. With gelatin. PS I love you PPS You know Bowie/Eno/Ferry/Reed/Pop/Manzanera/Bolan used to eat this stuff.
  • The celery log takes me back to the straitened days of WWII and rationing -- people spread cream cheese in the troughs of celery sticks and cut them into finger-lengths for parties. Stuffing dried dates with cream cheese was popular, too, people alternated them around a plate with the celery, next to the plate with the carrot sticks and devilled egg-halves on it. SO festive.
  • My wife came across the whole set of these in my grandmother's house and I posted a bunch of them (with the recipes) here. There are some duplicates with the original link, and some that are completely different. My personal favorite is the Crown Roast of Frankfurters. Remember monkeys, frankfurters are pre-cooked. Whatever you do, DO NOT allow for 2 ounces of shrinkage!
  • I think it's brilliant -- make food you won't want to eat and watch the unwanted pounds melt away!
  • Gone Bad, that is the most horrible thing I've ever seen.
  • Crown Roast of Frankfurters *reels, staggered*
  • I'm going to eat Frankfurter Pie this weekend. Probably Saturday. Thanks Gone Bad! You don't happpen to have the Fish Taco recipe, do you?
  • Caucasian Shashlik.
  • Fluffy Mackerel Pudding