October 06, 2004

The 'smoking louse'. A study at the University of Utah shows that only one of the two lice species on current Homo Sapiens evolved on us. This proves contact with earlier human species - perhaps Homo Erectus.

These scientists have lurid imaginations, don't they? It says the lice may have crossed over 'during fights, sex, sharing of clothes or perhaps cannibalism'. Not during peaceful trade, then? Neighbourly barbecue? Village fete? 'Save the Erectus' charitable mission?

  • and all this from a few little head lice. wonder what the results of their planned pubic lice examination will turn up... maybe proof positive that there really was inter-species canoodling going on? a little "wow, you sure you aren't a 'Homo erectus'?
  • You science freaks are always trying it on, aren't you? First you claim that people descended from Monkeys - now you're accusing us all of having sex with Homos. I'd pray for you guys, but, frankly, you're too busy dancing naked around a statue of Mohommad Bin Laden in a Cuban communist terror camp to let JESUS CHRIST into your sick little hearts.
  • This is interesting in relation to the 'uncanny valley' thing. If we see things that are nearly but not our species as an enemy.
  • Evidently it's reactionary day for quidders. First staunchly anti-werewolf, and now this. And I still don't have my tax cut. But let me ask you this: How can you speak in such a way when you are clearly in favor of ass-fucking dead celebrities? What kind of message does that send to the troops?
  • My fellow monkarians, you've heard what my opponent, Mr middleclasstool, plans for America: for more years of anal sex with hot dead celebrity hair lice. Is that the best a middleclasstool Administration can deliver? Ladies and gentlemen, there are two Americas today. One populated by Homo Erectus; one by Homo Sapiens. But a quidnunc kidministration pledges to never allow Homo-Homo marriage to threaten the purity of god-fearing American hair lice. God bless you all.
  • Now, just where did ye come from, ye crawlin' ferlie? Can it be ye got on me as I tittupped this girlie? One of those hulkin', scratchin' Home erectus? From yeer blood-suckin' offspring, Great Gods protect us!
  • I love you all.
  • I was a bit confused by the article - so the reason that they think the lice must have jumped species is that the lice species diverged before modern humans developed?