October 06, 2004

Kinsey a perv? Saw this over at That Other Place and knew it would make its way here sooner or later. So, sooner.

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  • That was interesting. I generally hate and fear biopics but this one looks promising, as cinema anyway. I won't be holding my breath waiting for this film to generate any intelligent debate about Kinsey's work, though.
  • No, but it might give the religious right something new to squawk about. The part where he circumcised himself was freaky. Between that and the pedophile, the right has a powerful weapon.
  • PatB: That would be the religious right that mainstreamed male genital mutilation in the late 19th century England and America in an effort to help prevent masturbation? That religous right? And as for the RR and pedophiles, well, mote, beam, eye.