October 05, 2004

Fontanaverse Using crossovers and sly references, Tom Fontana has connected his own and more than 100 other TV shows, past and present.

The logical conclusion of this is that 164 TV shows, from Sports Night to The X-Files, are taking place in the mind of Tommy Westphall (the autistic child who, it was revealed, dreamed St. Elsewhere). via Atrios

  • Am I Timmy Westphall dreaming I'm Roger Healey, or Maj. Tony Nelson dreaming I'm Timmy Westphall?
  • I'm getting tired of reading this story on various blogs. Yeah, wild idea, and the ending of St Elsewhere was one of the more creative of any series I've watched (The Colby's comes close.. you know, with the spaceship). However, just cos Tommy daydreamed the events of St Elsewhere doesn't mean that all of the crossover characters/events from that series were also dreamed by him. It's faulty logic. Some of the characters may actually have been real, that he just happened to daydream about, etc. But, still, really nice idea.
  • The Colby's comes close.. you know, with the spaceship

    It was kinda neat that Fallon Colby hitched a ride on the UFO which thoughtfully dropped her back in California and back into "Dynasty".

    Very reminiscent of Gore Vidal's novel "Duluth".
  • Sounds like what Stephen King has done with the Dark Tower books.
  • Deep Space Nine (and therefore Star Trek as a whole) was all the dream of a science fiction writer in 1930s Chicago
  • I'm freaking out.
  • It gets really squirrely when you try and work in the crossovers with real life, like Mayor Bloomberg in Law & Order. Oops, looks like we were all dreamed up by little Tommy.
  • Shut up, brainwidth!!! That's seriously not funny!
  • My mom is still angry about the end of St. Elsewhere after all these years!
  • I've not seen St Elsewhere, but now that I know it ends with the old 'he woke up and it was all a dream' chestnut, I don't think I'll bother.
  • I've never seen any St. Elsewhere and have no idea what it's about, but I'd love to the finale. It's pissed off so many people that it has to be awesome. It's TV dissidence. It's like maker's thought "You want us to end the show? Fine! We'll pulverize the fucker!"