October 05, 2004

Castaways: Have you been Lost?

Most interesting new show in a long time? It had my very disparate group of watchers riveted Saturday night...but we were also eating dinner at the same time, and playing cards. I think we would have been bored if just watching Lost; it was a bit slow. I definitely would have been ticked if the show lasted only an hour, as almost nothing would have happened. Still, I have to admit I'm sorta hooked. The mystery is very intriguing.

  • USfilter This interweb thingy..its international. ;) Still, having said that.. I spot plots within 5 minutes of a show starting, and this one I dont' have to see: they're all dead already.
  • Welcome to the modern world.
  • i've been digging it so far. gilligans island meets the x-files meets 90210. i don't think they're dead.
  • It conflicts with Smallville, and the repeats conflict with Teen Titans. Yeah, I'm a DC geek. Anyways, if I knew for sure that it was really good, I'd probably Tivo the reruns, but as it is, maybe I'll catch the DVDs or just get it if they replay it off-season.
  • I'm pretty interested in it. I like that no one seems trustworthy at this point. Also... Polar bear? Huh?
  • Nice description Dirt. I'm a bit afraid of that 90210 element. Looking at upcoming episode descriptions, it appears they're going to spend a lot of time taking long looks back at the lives of the characters before the island. I enjoyed the flashbacks in the pilot, but they were brief. I'll quickly tune out if it turns into soap opera overload and loses the mystery thriller balance.
  • I liked what I saw, and was intrigued by the little bits o' mystery that were dropped along the way, especially the 16-year repeating distress signal. However, I am a bit disturbed as others are by the 90210 element. Apparently, except for the Air Marshall, the older folks, and the Really Fat Guy™, only the prettiest people survived the crash. And the dude with the gun can't act. sidenote--maybe the international monkeys can help me here, but my wife and I have been watching a lot of BBC America lately and find it refreshing that in most of the sit coms and dramas and things, people look pretty NORMAL--I mean, not everyone's a super glamour doll or anything. So I wonder, do people from outside the US watching US tv have the opposite reaction--that is, are you surprised by how almost everybody on a us tv show has to be thin and gorgeous? whether they can act or not?
  • I always find the recording quality of various countries productions interesting. US television looks like Hollywood, of course. Canadian always looks a bit washed out, too pale. British usually looks like real life, but with Hollywood lighting.
  • 3 episodes so far, all have been good and have gotten me into the story. unless it starts sucking hard and fast, i'm in.
  • There was a time, TP, when the people on most American series seemed (to my eyes, anyway) to have been heavily made-up, covered in jewellery, and given large bouffant hairstyles. The women were even worse. But my impression is that there's been less glamming-up in recent years.