October 04, 2004

What would we like Microsoft to do for us?..."have Bill Gates send me a check for all the aggravation I've suffered" is one way of dealing with it. "Naked Microsoft" is a more unorthodox way. Geeks around the world weight in on this most interesting subject...o yah, what would you do Monkeys?
  • I would ask for "The Predator.exe" is this idea I have: whenever someone pisses me off online, I would just unleash "The Predator" and it would search, hunt and destroy the little bastards in say, Germany or whatever. *dreamy grin*
  • I'd be elated if everything simply worked the way it was supposed to. But what Microsoft should really do is cut the price of all their software. If a full version of XP only cost $50 I'd have no problems buying multiple copies. And they'd still make money hand over fist.
  • Every time I have to spend time working around some MSIE CSS or DOM script variation bug, a very large man walks into where ever Steve Ballmer is at the moment, smacks him upside the head and takes cash directly from his pocket.
  • Every time Ballmer says something stupid like "iPod owners are thieves", an angry convict walks into his office and makes Steve his bitch.
  • "What would we like Microsoft to do for us? Get out of the software business.
  • Age of Empires would include the Iraqi and USA cultures, for DIY warfare.
  • Microsoft are in the software business?
  • Hmmm...
    Contributing Writer and Network Manager Laura E. Hunter (see p. 43) wants a server OS stripped of its GUI, browser and "all the other pretty things" that belong only on clients.
    Doesn't that already exist? Isn't it called Linux?
  • Doesn't that already exist? Isn't it called Linux? Are you kidding? Linux is way prettier than windows nowadays. You know what I want from Microsoft? Open standards and documentation for their API's, file formats and driver thingamies. That way we can have actual true competition, and their software can compete on its own merits, rather than lock-in.
  • Microsoft will start producing products that don't suck when they start making vacuum cleaners.
  • I want Bill to taste this and tell me if its bad.