October 04, 2004

Gmail Invites I've just received some, and as everyone was so helpful with my problem yesterday...

I thought the monkeys should have em. Only six, but email me (in profile). I know there's been a glut of these lately, but I just thought I should try and return the favour... Priority to the simians who helped out yesterday, but other than that, any old ape is welcome...

  • That's pretty cool. I've been hooked up already, or I'd ask. Thanks though. Did your problem get resolved?
  • Good Gob, aren't there already enough of these threads to repay your glorious symbolic debt in?
  • Mr K - no, but I've accessed it at work and printed off some troubleshooting tips - give em a whirl later Mr Wolf - There probably is, but I don't see my debt as symbolic, and wanted to make sure those that helped me had the chance. Please forgive me if I have in some small way offended you. Or you could just not click on the thread and wait for the next one. I take it you don't want an invite then... Tee & hee. No offence. Only kiddin etc
  • Not at all offended, just thought 3 threads in about 24 hours on the same non-subject seemed a little excessive. Cheers!
  • Mr Wolf That's an interesting syncope. I tend more towards w'lof because in my idiolect 'wolof' doesn't have penultimate stress. I suppose wol'f would be preferable to RP speakers and their ilk. Are you perchance an Eastpondian, kitfisto?
  • Hey, I dug a hole while wearing my ex's wedding dress. Then I sat in the hole and masturbated while my soon-to-be ex took a picture of me and uploaded it to the Intarweb. Wanna see?
  • Fubar it's probably explained by a cartoon I saw as a kid in which the protagonist, when seeing the wolf said 'It's the wool-uf' (pronounced with 2 syllables. I'm from Liverpool. skrik - only if it involves a ginger kitten.
  • And I hid in the hole from the hurricanes god sent because i voted republican. I have a bunch of gmail invites too. I thought everyone had one by now.
  • I can't find my socks. I'd look for them at Metafilter, but it's down again.
  • Ah. A Liverpudlian. Well that explains that.