October 04, 2004

Vibrating Trousers Treat (wait for it, wait for it)... Angina I can't believe no one has posted this yet. Wherefore art thou, 'tool?
  • I don't mind waiting for angina. *prepares lunchbox, waits*
  • /succombs Angina, is there anyone finer? In the state o' Carolina, If there is and you know about she, Show her to me! Angina, with your tricksy eyes blazin' how I want to sit and and gaze in- to your eyes, Angina Lee!
  • Off topic: wherefore means why, not where.
  • wherefore means why, not where. thank you, rocks. I relearn something new every day.
  • Shoulda gone with 'whither'.
  • So, these trousers, ...
  • Dammit, there they are. *checks pockets* Which one of you fuckers stole my tube of lithium grease?
  • Now why didn't we ever see this on The Jetsons? Or at least Futurama?
  • The results are not only beyond our expectations, a small number of patients have done so well their lives have been transformed. I'll just bet. tee hee /pervertdoctorfilter