October 04, 2004

Curious, George: Help me find a program I need help finding a specific program and Google has failed me.

So I turn to my fellow monkeys. Here's the deal. A long time ago I remember either linking from Metafilter or Monkeyfilter to a program that would allow one to see the images that people are viewing on the network that one resides in (possibly as a screensaver or something. I don't remember much except that it was open source. I've googled my heart out with this limited amount of info to no avail. Does this ring anyones bell? Does anyone know of a program that does something like this?

  • you would like to use this program for ethical reasons? or you are moonlighting as a net admin?
  • Pikachu claims to be "the most popular JPEG sniffer for windows!". As far as I can tell it's the only one... EtherPEG has versions for Mac, classic and OSX both. It was also the inspiration for the *nix program Driftnet, which apparently can integrate with JWZ's WebCollage (pretty keen itself) for screensaver use. I couldn't find any of these in ether MeFi's or MoFi's past, but there you go...
  • Nevermind, genial, I read your post wrong.
  • genial, try searching through crunchland's posts. He seems to be the one who posts stuff like that. Good luck.
  • fractalid got it! At first I thought I had made the mistake with EtherPEG about it being open source but Driftnet must have been what I recalled. Still don't know where I would have found it but thanks so much for refreshing my memory! PS: Wedge, more out of curiousity, I think it would be one hell of a screensaver to have jpegs pop up at random from the network (I'm on a university campus so it may not work with all the security but if it did it would be very beautiful if not quite random with 4000 students).