October 04, 2004

Curious George: Monday MoFi Music Mix Musings What would you put on a music mix dedicated to us MoFi monkeys? I think I'd suggest this.
  • eSpew is a good source for mp3s...but then again never trust a monkey
  • Peter Gabriel, "Shock The Monkey." Obviously.
  • You are a worthless piece of fetid rat dung Stealing MP3s is bad. This transfer has been logged, and you are blocked for two hours. Congrats. nice eSpew message. Logging IP's and blocking users for clicking on hyperlinks they provide? Slight problem is while it may be illegal in the USA to download mp3's it's not here. We even pay levies on recording media for the privilege (something the recording industry here requested). Slightly off topic but ... hey, I don't need to be insulted after clicking on a link they provide for a mp3. The site wants to ram it's ideology down everyone's throat? I'm not interested. Especially like that. and yeah I'm pissed off.
  • "I'm a cold Italian pizza, I could use a lemon squeezer..." -- Rolling Stones' "Monkey Man".
  • beeza- you received that message from espew? wow. i only recently discovered it and have not had a problem, especially like that. are you sure the message came from them or from the site hosting the song? they are, as i understand, just a search engine.
  • I included Three Monkeys by The Billy Nayer Show on my latest MoFi CD Swap mix...
  • rxreed I clicked on "top 40 chart" then "u2" then the first song on the list - there are several hyperlinks for the individual songs, one opened windows media player another one is for http://espew.../cgibin/089897890/name-of-song.mp3 it redirected me to another site - http://vis.nu/nk_dead.html where the message was. I did a "wow" too - I felt like I was slapped in the face after having the banana dangling in front of me and encouraged to take it - still mad btw and emailed the webmaster (if that will do any good). Everyone has a right to an opinion - I just didn't enjoy how they forced their opinion on me.
  • ps: here are the two links eSpew U2 Search and the link for the "mp3"
  • I don't get it. They host mp3s. They provide links for mp3s. They "hate" me because I clicked on a link to an mp3 that they provided? Who are these wankers? What is the point of their site? "The phrase 'The digital music revolution reborn.' is the intellectual property of eSpew. No permission is given to use this phrase in any way." eSpew - The digital music revolution reborn as a diseased impotent hamster.
  • Tin Pan Alley Monkey Music
  • Harry Belafonte - Day O can't have monkey's without banana's ;)