October 04, 2004

Behold the fabulousness of the puffling! "...the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback and throw the bird like a football..."
  • What does puffin taste like?
  • kinda like chicken.
  • Charming story, mj, great fun and education for kids. I'd love to visit Iceland someday and try some puffling launching (and maybe some roast puffin too). Neat site. I also like this story about monkeys and hornbills who have learned to interpret each other's communication. Reads pretty funny if you substitute "hornbills" for "MeFites".
  • awseome. cute, funny, edible. what more does this story need? RECIPES.
  • ahem. 'awesome' for this reason we have preview, 7. muppet.
  • O noble Icelandic children! I'm betting homunculus will enjoy this one.
  • Perhaps some puffin in milk sauce, prismatic7? Or you could just deep-fry it. You can deep-fry everything. And you should.
  • /me salivates... thankyou muchly, dogburp!
  • Is being a kid in Iceland possibly the coolest thing ever? Spouting lava! Puffling flinging! Tolting ponies! And then there's crazy cool stuff like this, "Also of note in Iceland is the history of the people: Iceland is the home of the oldest parlimentary body, the Viking Thing. The inhabitants of Iceland would meet every summer in a valley called Thingvellir, where they would pass laws and rule on cases, as well as arrange marriages. One person was designated to recite the laws of Iceland by memory, which would take three summers to complete." Dr. Seuss-tastic!
  • Actually... < pedant > The Manx Tynwald is the oldest continuously operating parliamentry system in the world. The Icelandic Thing, though originally started some 50 years before the Tynwald, was "abolished in 1800 and not refounded until 1845." < / pedant > * coughing, choking on wiki-dust. Self satisfied sniff and then back to sleep. *