October 04, 2004

Bob Dylan Pimps His New autobiography
  • Sully - I take it you don't like Dylan.
  • Untrue Path. You're confusing Dylan with my conservative monkey arch-rival.
  • I read the one chapter exerpt in Newsweek, or whereever the hell it was. I also recall Dylan talking about this a year or two ago. He indicated that his autobiography would be playing rather loosely with the facts. He said that he would surround the truth with fiction and the fiction with truth. The chapter exerpt I read seemed to be consistent with those comments he had made. I look forward to the book, but not to really learn about the facts of his life. I enjoy his use of language. I enjoy his social commentary. And I feel that the book will be full of both.
  • Sully - I didn't know your arch rival had an autobiograpy to pimp. Give us a link when it comes out. What I've read of Dylans seems semi-interesting, but I bet your rival's is a hummer. ;p.
  • No, but he has a blog and I love his archives. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
    Chemical weapons' cache found near Baghdad. Evidence of a mobile weapons lab manufacturing sarin gas was found in an Iraqi military compound. These links came from InstaPundit. Check it out.
    You don't need to be a weather man to know which way the sarin gas blows.
  • Okay, is it really necessary to take this thread in that direction?
  • viva MoFi! Thread drift like totally rUlX0rz!!1! oh and is it true Dylan just wanted to be a white-collar suburbanite? 'Cause I find that hard to beleeb.
  • Well, most peeps probably still haven't come to terms with the whole born-again thing--and that's from 1978!
  • I hope there are underwear models in his book.