December 30, 2003

Segway Your Way Why buy a Segway when you can build one yourself? Well, anyway, that's what this guy thinks.
  • This sounds so tempting, except that parts would cost far too much by the time I shipped them here and paid for them in $NZ. I'd be famous, though, for being the only kiwi to have one, and a home-made one at that. Now, he complains about the rough ride but I can't see why some suspension couldn't be added, or even taking some air out of the tires to soften to ride a bit.
  • Personally, I think it's a lot of hype. Segway implies (for me) laziness.
  • I can't imagine riding one - they look awkward and pretty much useless - but the challenge of making something like that would be pretty cool. (I think he's right about everyone thinking Segway riders are just geeks, particularly geeks with far too much money to burn. I'd rather have a scooter.)
  • Here in my old undergraduate school all campus guards use Segways for patrolling. They now look more lazier and, with the enhanced height, more menacing than ever. The students like to call them the Jetsons. I don't know why...
  • This week's topic: Segways vs. Skateboards. Discuss.
  • Zemat... *sigh*
  • Segways just turn humans into inferior versions of the Daleks