December 30, 2003

  • Seems like a perfect gift for the forgetful terrorist. Highlighting the best days to schedule a car bombing or whatever is a stroke of genius!
  • Buy this calander with The Old Terrorist's Almanac 2004 today! Evildoers who bought this title also bought: Vibrators Bongs
  • Bah, a load of old broken links. *Grabs a Scrooge costume, moves on*
  • BearGuy, you're really on a mission. I follow you periodically, but you're travails are impressive. I understand others have taken on this feat on as well. Have courage, my Monkey friends.
  • Great. I preach wisdom and misspell like a poophead.
  • /sidedish is still out there writing. She is, she really is. *benign smile of remembrance.
  • I'm jealous of the question marks in little diamonds.�