August 12, 2004

No witnesses for Guantanamo detainee - Man claims witnesses would prove that he was conscripted to be a cook for the Taliban and received no weapons training. The head of the tribunal doesn't care and called the witnesses irrelevant. The hearing lasted for more than two hours but officials were forced to take a 45-minute recess because they forgot to give the detainee a consent form saying he agreed to participate.
  • So what would have happened if he refused to sign? Another trial?
  • His case wouldn't get reviewed until he does, or he gets charged and sent to the military comission.
  • That is interesting. State presents their case. Defendant is not allowed to present his case. Not sure that is a particularly effective way to achieve any level of justice.
  • This pretty much confirms both what a farce the tribunal is and how toothless the Supreme Court's decision was.
  • Like anyone in the real world believed there would be justice for these unfortunate people.
  • The detainee ... said he was captured by the Taliban while buying tea and sugar in his village, and was later brought to Kandahar and Kabul, where he worked as an assistant cook. The military said he was associated with the Taliban and said he was conscripted to work as a cook's assistant. Right... So what's the problem here?
  • I mean, why is he on trial in the first place, not why is it a problem that he's allowed witnesses. Uh. Obviously.
  • Don't you people get it? He's assisting the cook! The cook is an Evildoer, and he's burning your freedom.
  • Too bad for him he's not Saudi.