August 12, 2004

Gene Therapy: Lazy Monkey --> Workaholic Monkey.
  • That is very weird. Mirror image DNA. And it wears off. Very strange and with all sorts of potential.
  • Mmmhh... perhaps if they try it first on some country's drinking water supply...
  • From the article: But for the rest of us, the day when such treatments fall into the hands of our bosses may be one we would prefer to put off.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Oh wait, here she comes with a big syringe.

  • The potential for abuse is always present with medications/hormones/etc. How much control an organization may have over the bodies/health/mentation of employees is going to be a hot topic in future, I'd say, if it's not already. Debate topic: Authority tends to seek greater control, a tendency which is/is not in the best interests of individuals/of society.
  • I am certainly no expert when it comes to biology, but do we really want to screw around with dopamine?
  • Apologies for committing a cardinal sin of the web by invoking He Who Must Not Be Referred To, but it reminds me of this phrase. Or this movie. KEEP YER SPOOKY MITTS OFFA MY DOPAMINE!
  • Well, I am a biologist, but not a neurochemist, and I believe decreased dopamine is involved in Parkinson's. Interestingly, people with Parkinson's show increased rigidity and obsessiveness in behavior (I think), much like some of the workaholics I've known.
  • *dusts off copy of Walden II, pees on it*
  • *wears it as pants*
  • Super-absorbent SkinnerPants!
  • so when I'm "not in the mood" to do work or am feeling lazy, it could just be that my dopamine level is unusually high? I suppose it could be nice to pop a pill and feel that go getting feeling flow. I'd probably do better on my finals, at least. (meaningless sarcasm) but what about when I have to pee? I suppose there is some crazy new-fangled scientific explanation for that too.
  • Perhaps it could help with this.
  • He was so big that charity workers from the League of Human Dignity arranged for him to be driven to a local livestock scale to be weighed.
  • Headlines: Member League Of Human Dignity Found With Thumb On Scales