August 12, 2004

New ShardsO'Glass Lights! (QuickTime) Just as tasty and refreshing as original ShardsO'Glass Freeze Pops, but with fewer glass shards.

The most excellent advert Truth has ever made.

  • I fail to see what it has to do with anything - has there been a sudden outbreak of glass-contaminated freeze pops or something? I could understand if it was Adbusters or some group like that, but is against tobacco. So what the hell does this commercial (which is highly annoying, but well-produced) have to do with anything?
  • I haven't seen the new commercial, being on dialup, but the original was an example of what would happen if a deadly product such as cigarettes was advertised honestly. So that's the relevancy.
  • truth : nonsmokers :: PETA : animals They might have a good cause, but the tactics they use to promote it are shit. This one isn't as bad as their crazyworld commercials, but still...
  • Vestal: I'm not saying you're wrong and I'm not saying you're right (and I could be just plain stupid), but you just made my brain hurt. Your explanation makes no sense. Mr. Knickerbocker, I agree. Their ads do not make me anti-smoking, they make me
  • Every time I see a truth commercial, I have to go smoke about seven cigarettes. I think they're secretly working for the tobacco companies.
  • driving: I think the point is to parody those Phillip Morris ads that talk about the hazards of smoking and the company's commitment to helping people quit using the product that is their company's sole source of profit. They're saying that this is the only industry that knowingly sells deadly stuff to people, then pretends to be concerned about their health in order to improve their image.
  • scartol: I'm with you. The Shards campaign is awesome. Cracked me up from the first ad I saw to the last page of the hysterical website.
  • I can relate to the anti-uppity-twit-teenagers-reading-stuff-written-by-corporate-marketing-executives irritation. But I can also recognize flat-out funny stuff when I see it. Normally, I would look at an ad like this and say "This is funny -- too bad it's a [bad word] advertisement." In this case, however, I don't think the qualification is necessary, insofar as it's just an effort to keep people from dying of lung cancer..