August 12, 2004

The Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues Page
Collect 'em all!
  • From the highlights:
    One interpretation of the Gilligan's Island/Deadly Sins correspondence: Pride - the Professor Covetousness - Mr. Howell Lust - Ginger Anger - Mrs. Howell Gluttony - the Skipper Envy - Mary Ann Sloth - Gilligan
    Pride and anger don't work so well for me.
  • I particularly enjoyed the Lust Quiz. In the spirit of full monkey disclosure it turns out I am "perverse and disgusting". I will understand if you wish to shun me.
  • shotsy, don't feel bad it appear as if I too am "perverse and disgusting"
  • When I clicked Get Score, my browser crashed. Apparently, I'm so "perverse and disgusting" that the even the Internet is appalled.
  • Pride and anger don't work so well for me. I can manage intellectual pride on the part of the prof, but Mrs Howell as anger seems way off the mark to me.
  • If anything, Lovey Howell was snobby.
  • Well i scored a disgusting 2% on the lust quiz - how close up do they want that naked picture?
  • whoa! 0%
  • 40%, which is 'perverse and disgusting'. Believe this should read pre-verse and disgusting.
  • I, too, took the lust quiz, and for some reason I find the idea of fucking to Souza totally appealing.
  • That's because nothing says good bonination like something tuba-driven.
  • You know, I can see using Sousa or a similar rousing march in a pinch. You see, back when I was a DJ at ye old college radio station, I was in the middle of spinning platters for the afternoon classical program, when a young gentleman phoned our request line asking for some music to "help him get busy." Well, I was already to help the brother out, though I did feel the need to mention that, as it was a classical program, I couldn't put on Marvin Gaye. So I searched the stacks for 'Bolero'--unable to find it, I returned to the phone to announce the bad news... "The best I can come up with on short notice is the 1812 Overture," I confessed. "Which one's that?" the Man in Need asked. "That's the Fourth of July one with the cannons," I replied. "Cannons? Okay cool," he said. "Let's do it." And so we did. Or at least I assume he did. He didn't call back. I wish all the call-in requests were that interesting...
  • Oh, and according to the Lust Quiz, I too, am perverse and disgusting.
  • We must be a bunch of perverse and disgusting monkeys.
  • MonkeyFilter: Certifiably Perverse and Disgusting.
  • Ah, BearGuy! A bouquet of bananas to you for that one.