August 12, 2004

The transhumanists are coming! And they're promoting mito flushes, sousveillance, cyberglogging, and genetic virtue.
  • The Singularity is coming! The Singularity is coming!
  • 13 years ago by sykoze
  • yo sorry, family guy is such a distraction...
  • The Singularity is coming! The Singularity is coming! Yay! ...I mean, Nooo!
  • sykoze's post is far superior to mine. Tracicle, if you want to delete this as a double, that's fine with me.
  • Hey, the more transhumanism the better.
  • yay? I wish there was a simple word to describe that look your dog gives you when you confuse him mightily and he turns his head that certain way and ... just ... looks ... at ... you ... That's me to transhumanists. I suppose there's all kinds of people in this world and they got the right to do to themselves whatever they want, but I think I'll wait till it's a little more practical. The sousveillance thing I like, but they need to call it something else. It doesn't scan well.
  • that whole mitochondrial replacement thing might be an ok idea if the mitochondria didn't already replace themselves. they're like little bacteria living in the cells, they have their own DNA, and they need their specific shape to make the extra aerobic energy we all use. moving them into the nucleus? and how, praytell, would me ensure that they didn't (a) get subject to mutation or (b) get accidentally shut off during cell division? we don't know dick about a lot of how DNA works yet (we have generalities, but we're missing a lot of mechanical details). plus everyone knows that life is limited by loss of telomeres, which limits the maximum number of times a cell can divide, and not by mitochondria. i mean, they teach that in intro genetics. in short these people are freaks and should be largely ignored.
  • "mitochondria"? Umm, hello dude? Everyone knows they're called "midi-chlorians" and that they allow us to feel the power of the LIVING FORCE. I don't know what the rest of your garbled comment is about - aerobics, nucleus weapons, long division - whatever! I just think you need to see at least a few Star Wars films before you display your ignorance on this site. May the force be with YOU, Mr Jar Jar Frogs.
  • Drink it now! The latest health beverage from Sweden, with fewer calories, less nutrition -- cyberglogg!
  • I just picture a group of the transhumans described in this article watching Spider-Man 2 and going, "But why is Doc Oc the villain?"
  • Nice link homun.
  • Dear Committee for the Introduction of Transhumanism, In daily life as a wallpaper-hanger I frequently notice that two hands aren't enough for many simple tasks I need to perform. Can transhumanism help me grow a third hand and thus achieve the dream of a lifetime? Sincerely, Seeker After Truth