August 12, 2004

A Collection of End-Of-World Scenarios
  • Ragnarok.
  • Sounds like a good time. I'll bring the beer.
  • Doom! Doom! DOOM!
  • Always wondered why the Giants' ship had to be made from the nails of the dead. Skin, ok. Bones, fine. But nails?? Just hope the poor giants doing the rowing have really thick underwear.
  • I have lunch once every week with an old friend, and we always play 'coffee games' at the end. Sometimes we describe books we'd like to read, sometimes we design buildings we'd like to live in -- the topic changes every time we meet. A while ago we talked about terrorism, more specifically 'if I were a terrorist, i'd do this: _____'. We both thought that bioterror is likely to be the most effective device available fairly cheaply and with a modest amount of knowledge to drive it. The world won't end just because of a few bugs, though. The human dominance of it might be eliminated or interrupted, but the earth will spin merrily along without us.
  • My, my, we are anthropocentric, aren't we? Try "end-of-the-human-race senarios" instead of identifying the human race with the fate of the planet. Oh yeah, like coppermac said.
  • Where are the zombies? I was told there'd be zombies...
  • This stuff is way cool. Hey, if I'm going to go, I at least want a good show there at the end. This site provided a lot of spectacular events to ponder. Mega-tsunami! Comet! Gamma Rays! Killer flu! Apocalypse! Quantum Vacuum Collapse! (OK, so we wouldn't be around to see how awesome and terrible that one is.)
  • That's a fantastic simulation, surly. There goes my day...