August 11, 2004

Artist Rica Takada creates designs on calendars to curtains in styles that were more popular forty years ago. Sbritt does art that reminds me of kids' books and products of about the same era.

Finally, screen printers like Aesthetic Apparatus and Patent Pending Industries make p o s t e r s that run the style gamut from Soviet propaganda to wallpaper fabric patterns.

  • I'm boycotting sbritt for personal reasons. Still, in the spirit of the fpp, I'll link to one of our own talented monkeys' site. (and no, it's not mine)
  • Sweet! I hadn't heard of Takada. I've been a little bitty bit in love with Sbritt for a while now (I'm curious about your boycott, surlyboi). I wish the whole goddamn world looked like this.
  • I knew the guy, he dated one of my best friends and then pulled a real dick move and left her hangin'. Let's leave it at that...
  • And (blatant tangential self-link time) the wallpaperish screen print makes me think of the strange obsession they had with random kitchen things in the 60s and 70s, like giant forks and coffee grinders [self].
  • Well, folks, here's a first for the surlyboi. An official apology to sbritt for taking an unsolicited shot at him on behalf of my friend. I can be a little over-protective at times and my initial reaction was an example of that. No need to drag a guy's name through the mud. Wow, I guess you can just call me swiftboat surly for a few days... hangs head in shame
  • Eh, I shouldn't have probed further, swiftboat (heh). Loyalty is totally admirable in my book. And he still draws kick-ass pictures. Andy, your site just went in my bookmarks.