August 11, 2004

Gridlock Nifty Flash tile game thingy
  • there goes my productivity for the day
  • Oh I LOVE this game.. I think I made it to level 30 the last time I played...
  • Mac users can download it here. (It's Flash; can others get to it through the .sit file?)
  • You are evil Tracicle. That is the most fun I've had since a youth wasted playing 'Cathedral'. what is it about fitting blocks together that makes for such good times?
  • I have Gridlock, the actual real live game (no I don't mean London traffic), with little cars and trucks and fire-engines and everything. Way fun. (and shotsy, my brothers & I played Cathedral for hours when kids -- both the actual game, then playing with the pieces to build things. Love that game!)
  • great link! and ilyadeux i have that game too. soo many hours gone...
  • Fuck. Can't beat level 24...
  • Level 16 has officially kicked my ass. sigh