August 11, 2004

Paul Krugman Vs Bill O'Reilly (wmv files) More on O'Reilly denying things that he actually said.
  • Is there anyone other than dittohead fanatics who takes this guy even remotely seriously anymore? Posts like this are almost pointless (that's not a criticism, just a comment). Catching O'Reilly out is like shooting fish in a barrel. SNL should bring back Pathological Liars Anonymous and just run O'Reilly clips.
  • I find something strangely fascinating about people like O'Reilly and Glenn Reynolds. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. I shouldn't look, but I can't turn my gaze.
  • The Mefi thread also has links from the producer of Outfoxed.
  • Nal: Apparently someone does. Fox keeps paying him. Which is sad. A journalist that lies should be fired immediately.
  • I believe I saw this reprised on the Discovery Channel the other night, right after Hippo vs. Bullshark
  • Not to join the pile-on, but it's more than a bit charitable to call him a "journalist." The only "journalism" job he's ever had was Inside Edition, which is a bit like saying you're a "chef" at McDonald's. Since then all he's done is commentary (and turning purple). This is why Fox pays him. He's entertaining, and a lot of people buy his "no spin" regular-guy schtick.
  • yeah and did you guys know rush limbaugh's background was working public relations for the kansas city royals?
  • Full transcript of the show, also from the MeFi thread.
  • Does anyone remember Wally George or Morton Downey Jr.? I remember watching them thinking they were dinosaurs, that as soon as the American public were able to see them for what they were, they and their ilk would fade into oblivion. Then Fox News took that same formula and captured a huge segment of the viewing public. When does the "you can't fool all the people all the time" part of the equation come into play?
  • O'Reilly certainly is pompous and zealous, but I like the way he presses people for the answer. Too many public figures and politicians are experts at the art of "non-answering". Bill just has to hold himself to the same standards as he does his guests. He needs to admit when he is wrong.
  • posted by kwonsar at 06:36AM UTC on August 12 I wonder what q will have to say about this.
  • Bill O'Reilly is a TV troll.
  • And inexplicably still fixated on Franken.
  • That's the thing about O'Reilly, he fixates on beating the same old dead horses. I mean the day they voted on the Anti-Gay Marriage ammendment, instead of even mentioning it, he chose to spend the majority of the show talking about something Hillary Clinton said and something Michael Moore said. I think he beleives the things he says but is probably VERY insecure because he reacts very harshly to any criticism.
  • That's what O'reilly does, he goads people like Moore and the Clintons so that they will come on his show to answer his accusations. If it works, why not? Doesn't anybody want to see liberal big-wigs interviewed by someone other than another liberal big-wig. Biased reporting gets old.
  • Biased reporting gets old. Too bad most of Fox is a right-wing echo chamber then...