August 11, 2004

Information Warriors. [Via Disinformation.]
  • Great find, homunculus. Lately I've come to realize (yes, I said latey; I was pretty ignorant of life outside of my little world for quite a while) that no matter where we get our information from, or our message, it'll always be corrupt by the time we hear it. It seems there's always a spin, or some hidden agenda. This is especially bad for me, because I am by nature very gullible. I've learned the hard way many, many times not to be so trusting, but it seems that this is one part of my personality I have no control over. That said, I hate it when people don't think about what they're saying: ...he [Paul Moran] was unexpectedly killed in northern Iraq in the first three days of the March 2003 invasion. Paul Moran...worked closely with exiled Iraqi opposition parties in their campaign to mobilise a popular uprising against Saddam (and) …was involved in the defection of an Iraqi scientist who provided vital evidence to the U.S. Government about nuclear, chemical and biological weapon laboratories in Iraq." Unexpectedly?! They didn't even consider the possibility that a person working closely with the Iraqi opposition might get killed?
  • Sorry, homunculus, for killing your thread...
  • I don't think you did. Only Tracicle can kill a thread. This is especially bad for me, because I am by nature very gullible. Me too. That's why I've learned to suspect everyone.
  • On the other hand, I've had very good luck trusting pretty much everyone. I've seldom been disappoined.
  • do "t"s count?
  • You can always trust T.
  • Paul Moran went to school with my bro-in-law. /small world
  • Hi homunculus! Would you like some candy and a ride back to the index page? But really, thanks for the interesting article. However, I found that if I took its message seriously, then I couldn't take its message seriously. So I'm confused.